Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Open Letter To Gene Simmons

The following letter is my reply to what Gene Simmons of Kiss has to say in this radio interview:

About Adam Lambert and his career after American Idol. This interview was given on 3/17/10.

On Monday 22nd March 2010


Dear Mr. Simmons, I heard your comments the other day on DaveFM about how you felt Adam Lambert should stay in the closet and not "tell people about his sexual preference and if he likes doing farm animals or not".

WOW... where to begin.

A- It's a Sexual Orientation... not preference. You prefer Pizza Hut over Papa Johns or McDonald's over Burger King. You do not prefer to have sex with one gender over the other. It is not a choice. Do you CHOOSE to be straight? No, I didn't think so. So please try and educate yourself.

B- Comparing Homosexuality and Bestiality (Sex with a farm animal) is about as pointless as me saying... you having sex with a porn star is the same as having sex with a pig. Yeah, I'm sure Shannon (your partner)would appreciate that.

C- Let's look at those gay men you mentioned that all stayed in the closet.......Freddie Mercury: Died of AIDS. George Michael: Stayed in the closet for years, in and out of drug rehab and still has many issues. Elton John: Stayed in the closet for years, in and out of drug rehab and only finally has a real life after hiding for YEARS. So... that's the kind of life you want for this young man? WOW... you aren't just an asshole... you are down right mean and evil.

But what it really comes down to... Adam has talent. Talent like you have never seen before. Talent that you never had and never will have. Adam Lambert is talent personified and it eats away at you and so you have to lower yourself to come out with crap like what you said on this radio station. This doesn't make you cool or a legend Gene... it makes you a washed up, old, has been, now Reality TV piece of junk that is so jealous... you have to resort to snippets putting down a man that has more talent, more drive and more integrity then you ever had or ever will have.

I don't feel sorry for you Mr. Simmons... I just simply pity you now.

Sean Patrick