Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Broken Open…

Part I of II

On Monday 1st February 2010, @sweetsexysean said:

I know many of you don’t understand my anger and hurt toward Adam Lambert. But try for one moment to walk in my shoes and think about my life... my husbands life. To just take a moment and THINK!

SO MANY people already think being gay is a CHOICE and so many have worked SO HARD to change that way of thinking. So when Adam said about converting from gay to straight.... http://tinyurl.com/ye4ooug "I don't believe in converting, that's just so silly but I do think that it's possible someday." THAT statement was VERY, VERY damaging.

YES, Adam is his own man. He only speaks for himself but Adam IS a gay man and so therefore many people look at him as the example AND the rule and some looked up to him. At least I did. If Adam didn’t ever want the label of “Gay”, he never should have said... “YES, I AM GAY.” He could have said he was Bi or Queer.

So before you get pissed off at me.......walk a mile in my shoes and understand why my heart just broke into a million pieces.

Peace & Love,

Broken Open Part II of II

On Tuesday 2nd February 2010, @sweetsexysean said:

Adam, I owe you an apology. A BIG APOLOGY! SO here it goes... It is my mia culpa for making you my gay superhero. You never asked to be, you never wanted to be and it was not fair of me to put you there. You are an amazing singer and song writer and that's it. You just happen to be gay and we have that in common and I made it more then what it is/was.

I always tell you UBU but when you were you.... I slapped you in the face and said NO! I realized, I wanted you to be the man, I wanted you to be. It took a great friend, @AdamsMikeStand to help me realize that and all my TRUE friends standing by me, holding my hand and saying.....we love you Sean, no matter what. Even though I was lashing out at "their idol" THEY still stood by me and loved me and didn't ask me to change. THAT is true friendship. That is pure of heart, which is love. I’m sorry I didn’t give you the same love they gave me.

I learned a very great lesson in all of this.

1. Don't love a person for what you want them to be, but for whom they are, unconditionally.

2. You are human Adam and you owe me NOTHING. You owe your fans nothing but Music. That's it. Just your music.

3. You are an OPEN BOOK and while I may look at some of the pages and think, WHAT? I accept every beautiful page in your Book of Life and thank you for letting us see just a small part of it. It was VERY unfair of me to try and rip apart any page in your book and I am truly sorry and humbly ask for your forgiveness.

To all those that follow me, some of you are still with me and I love you and thank you for your love and support. Some of you left and I understand why. To any Adam Lambert Fan that gave me their two cents, I understand. You were protecting the man and artist you love.

As I have said in my past blogs before.... It's a Journey - Not a Destination and Adam is taking us on an amazing ride. Last night, my Journey took a wrong turn due to my OWN fault but I am back on track and with time..... I hope many of you will learn to love and trust me again and know that I am Adam's biggest male fan/supporter and his MUSIC comes first.....always has and always will.

Peace, Love and Adam Always,

PS: Sorry for being such a DQ.

D'oh LOL

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  1. Hi Sean,
    First I just want to say that I didn't take what Adam was saying as it was possible that he would convert. I think he was mixing two thoughts. I felt like he was saying, though he wouldn't convert it might be possible for him to be with a woman. He has admited to being curious in the past. Plenty of straight people have experimented with the same sex but that doesn't change who they are so I imagine the reverse could be true for gay people. I think Adam is a loving person who is open to life and he seems very sure of himself and his sexuality as a gay man.

    Second, I just wanted to say that I don't think Adam "owes" us his music. It is a gift. He could stop anytime so let us all treasure that gift he gives us everytime he sings.

    Third, I just want to say what a great spirit you have. It isn't often that you see someone who can look at themselves and their actions objectively plus have the courage to change their position. Your number 1 point is a very beautiful sentiment and I will always try to remember it.
    Much Love,
    -Cathy F. in Fla.