Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adam Lambert, Meet Your Greatest Fan FROM The Greatest Generation...


Meet Isabel…

I had the opportunity to have a Q&A with Isabel and her daughter Joy. The following is the transcript of her replies to my questions and with her consent to share with all of you.

Hello Isabel,

As you know my name is Sean. I have tweeted with your daughter Joy to have this Q&A set up. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for me today. You are a true Adam Lambert Fan Favorite and many of us (if not all) absolutely love you.

[Isabel:] Well thank you, I am truly overwhelmed and flabbergasted by the response to my birthday video to Adam. Thank you all so much!

So a few questions that I have:

• What year where you born and where? I'm guessing 1920, yes?

[Isabel:] Yes, I was born in October of 1920, in Norway, Europe. Our family came over to the United States on a ship when I was 9 yrs. old. I've visited there about 15-20 yrs. ago, but have always lived here in Wisconsin. I still do have close relatives there.

• For 89 years young you have the spirit of a teen, how do you stay so young and vibrant?

[Isabel:] I guess by being optimistic and looking on the bright side of life. I keep myself busy with cooking and baking, cleaning my own apartment, doing my own shopping, and I try to keep my health my first priority. This, along with playing cards 3-4 times per week, listening to music, and having a good sense of humor...I love a good joke or laugh! Dirty or not! LOL All of this keeps my mind sharp.

• You’ve seen it all from Elvis, to the Beatles, to Lennon, to Freddie Mercury/Queen, to Michael Jackson, to well you name it, you’ve seen them all…. and yet you said Adam had the best voice? That’s pretty amazing. So what is it about Adam’s voice and presence that beats out all of the rest for you?

[Isabel:] His vocal range is sooo great, he can hold notes for a very long time, and does it so beautifully, and with such control. He's filled with charisma. When he performs on stage he's just fantastic and electrifying, and you can't keep your eyes off him! I just adore him!

• Other then Adam, what are some of your other fun hobbies to do?

[Isabel:] I love music, so I play my keyboard by ear. Music has been a huge part of our family for years. My mother had a beautiful soprano voice. 'Max Steiner', from Hollywood, wanted to take her there when she was younger to make her a star, around 1898-1900; not exactly sure on the year. But, she was married to my father with one child at the time, and he didn't want her to go. Other than my keyboard, I love to sing, but with asthma, I can't really hit or hold the notes like I used to. As I said earlier, I also love to bake, cook, play cards, and go out to lunch with my friends.

• In 89 years you’ve seen Civil Rights come along way but Gay/Human Rights still not moving as fast. You however didn’t even mention a thing in your video about Adam being gay. This was very moving. We (The Fans) loved that it did not seem to be an issue with you as someone from the “Greatest Generation”. Would you mind talking a little about that now and how you feel about Prop 8 and Gay Marriage?

[Isabel:] 'There but for the grace of God go I '...a person that happens to be gay, could be in any family, and I think what's in their hearts is more important than people judging them because of their sexuality. We're all God's children. There are many good people that just happen to be gay.

[Isabel:] I would've probably been against 'gay marriage rights' years ago, but through the years I've learned to accept and respect other people's way of life...they have rights just like the rest of us; so, I feel that it should be their decision if they want to marry...we shouldn't try to stop them.

• You are a beautiful, opened minded woman. What is your advice to other people out there that have issues/problems with Adam?

[Isabel:] JUST LISTEN TO HIS VOICE!!...Especially the song he sang when he was in Brigadoon... made me cry, my daughter too; it was soooo beautiful. He can bring so much beautiful music to the world if they'd only give him a chance. His sexuality doesn't have anything to do with how talented he is, or what type of person he is. His personal life is his own; he doesn't judge us, why should we judge him? He wants people to be happy, get along, and enjoy his music...just like I do!

• What is the secret to life as you see it?

[Isabel:] Be yourself, and love your fellow man for who they are. Show your love and affection to people. There is a higher being for all of us to believe in; be spiritual, and have respect for yourself, AND respect and compassion for others.

• At 89 you seem to have lived a very full and wonderful life. If you could have just one wish or do one thing, what would it be?

[Isabel:] As I said in my video, I would love to see Adam before I pass. Just to have a chance to see “my boy” on stage live and hear his beautiful voice live. That would be a true blessing.

• If there is anything else you would like to add.... please do so.

[Isabel:] Thank you so very much for trying to get this out to Adam and others. I hope the people that see my video, my daughter’s comments with it, and this article, have a kinder understanding and view of Adam and his feelings.

[Isabel:] If they haven't yet given Adam a chance, I hope this opens their minds to respect Adam, and enjoy his amazing talent.

Isabel, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and allow the fans of Adam Lambert to get to know you a little better… it has truly been my honor.

So what did I learn from this beautiful woman of 89 from this, the “Greatest Generation”? That she has more wisdom, more integrity, more insight, more knowledge and more acceptance in her soul and life then at anyone from the “Silent Generation (1925–1942)”, the peace-loving “Baby Boomers (1943–1960)”, more then my own “X Generation (1961–1981)” and can teach a whole new world to the “Y/ Millennium Generation (1982–2001)”.

As for the upcoming “Generation Z (2001–)” they are the hope and if any of their parents are reading this… please save this and read it to them one day when then can understand that long before there time, there was a generation of people called the “The Greatest Generation”… why? Because Isabel is living proof of that statement… she is simply and truly… the greatest.


As of this afternoon, Thursday 2/4/10; Mtn Woman from AO has two perfect tickets and seats to the Palm Springs Fantasy Concert of Adam Lambert. Gifted with love from Mtn Woman from AO she is giving these tickets to Isabel and Joy. That’s right Isabel… you are going to see “YOUR BOY ADAM!”


Isabel and her daughter Joy have the concert tickets, now we need to help them get to Palm Springs. PLEASE HELP DONATE BY GOING TO PAYPAL: and enter in the email of: and donate $1 or $100 anything you can give will help. We need to get two plane tickets, hotel and then for taxis and extras at the concert. LETS MAKE THIS THE BEST CONCERT OF A LIFE TIME FOR ISABEL!!!! Thank you to Mtn, Kel, Rod, pflagmom and everyone for the set up help with PayPal.

Love is a beautiful thing. Isabel restored my faith in hope and humanity and Mtn Woman from AO restored my faith in the kindness and love of a stranger.

You get back what you give away…
Tell a stranger that they're beautiful
So all you feel is love, love
All you feel is love, love
~Adam Lambert -Aftermath

Peace, Love & Adam Always,

This blog is dedicated to Isabel, Joy and Mtn Woman -
Livet er Vakker! (Norwegian) Life is Beautiful!



  1. You are a great man! Your heart and spirit move me. Thank you for showing us that there are truely fans of all ages. Age is nothing but a number, and that Adam's beauty transcends all. Thank you. And Mtn, You are a beautiful soul!! Thank you for giving a gift so beautiful to a woman so deserving!

  2. That is so heartwarming! Mtn, that is so wonderful! I hope Isabel enjoys the concert!

  3. Wow, I totally agree with what Jen said. Thank you, Sean for sharing this and your life with us. Isabel will have fun I'm sure!

  4. Wow, great interview.

    Isabel is an amazing and inspiring woman. The world needs more people like her.

    So happy that Mtn Woman gifted her with these tickets. If anyone deserves to see and meet with Adam Isabel does.

    Isabel is a bright, shining ray of sunshine in a somewhat gray and cloudy world.

  5. I would be willing to pay for tix for Isabel and Joy to attend the Glamily Reunion from 5-7 on Sat at Fantasy Springs if I can get tix, they're only selling 400. Will go on sale Monday FEB 8th. If someone could contact me?
    twitter @Scorpios4Adam

  6. I just found this interview and thought it to be a great follow-up piece to Isabel’s video, which brought tears to my eyes. I shared her video with many others and will follow up by sending a link to this article.
    WOW! How wonderful she was gifted with the tickets for Adam's performance at the Indio Concert! I have seen Adam perform twice, AI tour and Gridlock and look forward to the Indio Concert.
    Adam’s live performances bring joy to the spirit so I so pleased she received this concert gift. Who are the Mtn Woman from AO? Does any one know how to reach the Mtn Woman from AO to say Thanks for your kindness?

  7. Wow, this is so beautiful. Isabel is full of life and love at her age. This proves that Adam's spirit can move anybody. :) She is gonna have the time of her life at the concert.

  8. Wonderful interview Sean. It's amazing how Adam attracts such beautiful people. Isabel has such a warm heart it will be a great adventure for her to see adam. Thanks Mtn for helping make her dream come true. Truly warms my heart...

  9. Thanks Sean for the interview it was great. Isabel is such a great soul. I'm also glad for the followup and that she will get to see Adam in concert. this proves that the universe provides. Adam asked the universe for something more and to intiate this auditioned for idol the rest is history. Isabel made the youtube video for Adam's birthday and expressed her wish to see him and in trying to get it to him we discovered the treasure that is Isabel and through this exposure and the kindness of a stranger her wish will be fulfilled Thanks again Sean and have a great time Isabel!!

  10. Wonderful interview Sean!!! What an amazing women Isabel is.....We should all take a lesson from her on acceptance and love for our fellow man/woman.
    How wonderful that Mtn Woman is giving her tickets to Isabel. I hope I get a chance to meet Isabel at Fantasy Springs!!!!!

  11. OMG! I am so excited for Isabel and her daughter! I will be at that concert and hope I get to see her and even meet her! What an inspiration she is to so many! She truly is a lovely soul, a sweet spirit and a gift to us all! Adam is very fortunate to have such beautiful fans, her being his #1 fan! Thanks Sean for this Q and A. It was truly inspiring to me! Love you!

  12. How many hotel nights will they need? I might be able to donate points for a Marriott property (Fairfield Inn, Residence Inn, etc) in Palm Springs or Palm Desert. Please email me at susangra47 at gmail dot com.

  13. Do they only need one night's accommodation? If so I would be willing to pay for the accommodation for them. Resort is all booked up, but I think there's a Holiday Inn across the street - I could book them into there.

    Let me know - you have my email.

    xo Analiise

  14. Sean... Hey... once again, you are picking up the proverbial 'ball' & running like hell with it! Great interview... wonderful lady! So now she has tickets, no doubt soon all the rest will fall into place. I wonder if it is worth sending her video & this article to the Palm Springs Fantasy Resort/Casino Promotions Department or their Entertainment/Events Coordinator... or even, their General Manager??? It is not unheard of for places like this to respond really positively to special human interest stories which involve them in some way. At the very least, they may offer Isabel & her daughter a complimentary dinner. It would be great promotion for the Resort/Casino... especially if the story gets in the local papers... which would also be a good place to send Isabel's video & this article!!! Cheers & a hug!

  15. I'm in awe of the love and kindness that exists. Thanks for the wonderful interview Sean and for all that you are doing to help this dream come true. Adam Lambert fans rock!! She will have the time of her life!!

  16. This actually made me cry Sean. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! This was just beautiful!

  17. Hey Sean, great interview and very inspiring! I cried. Thank you for working on getting Isabel to Adam's concert. I definitely chipped in. I happen to be from a Swedish/Norwegian family and grew up not far from where Isabel lives, in fact my dad lived in the town right across the Menominee river from her, so feel doubly connected as a Uper and an Adam fan. I am just amazed at her, and at your sensitively reaching out to her. I hope that she can make the trip. It will be epic! Traveling out of that area is NOT easy, it's a big effort in itself! Go Isabel!

  18. Sean not sure my comment posted
    Just donated $100 for Isabel and her daughter. Offer of USAIR mileage 1 ticket still stands.
    Can't wait to see them there!
    GoddessAthena1 (Twitter)

  19. Oh, how we need more Isabel's in our world expressing such love and wisdom. If we truly reflect, it's almost unimaginable, the extraordinary changes this lovely lady has experienced in her 89 years. A world before technology, when times seemed simpler, yet weren't...Isabel is a lady I could talk to for hours... She shines so brightly!

    I am so happy her newest dream will come true... Adam!!! I must say, the kindness being spread warms my heart.

    Sean, thank you for sharing this touching piece. Your determination is so admirable! I am going to carry a picture of Adam in my handbag, too! So precious!

  20. Hey Sean!
    That lady really touched me with her video. And I'm happy to get to know her a little more through this interview you did. You, MtnWoman and the others who worked at organizing this donation are truly amazing. The generosity of Adam's fans is outstanding. I made my donation earlier and I have invited my friends for the AA and DFQ threads on AO to do the same.
    Love and light sent to all of you! :)

  21. Sean,
    I love your heart just as I love Adam's heart.
    Isabel's story touched me deeply. Her open mindedness is a breath of fresh air. She really loves Adam and I am so happy so many are coming together to make her dream come true.
    MamaK (AO)

  22. Hi Sean,
    This is a beautiful and moving interview and I just donated money toward Isabel's fund. I am so happy for her and you are a beautiful soul for helping her. It all starts from attracts like.I can tell from experience that Adam fans are the most generous and passionate ever. I hope Adam will talk with Isabel and that you and others will keep us posted as to how the weekend goes for her. Love you, Cookie.

  23. Hello everyone, I am Joy, Isabels' daughter. Oh my gosh, where do I start...I know we all LOVE Adam, but I tell you, Adam is so so lucky to have the wonderful, loving, dedicated fans that he does...all of you are very precious to our hearts. How can we ever thank you or repay all of you for your generous donations to be sure my Mom gets to see Adam.
    [I need to warn you, I can write alot, so this will be long winded, but I promise, I don't talk near as much in person, we all like to keep our ears!] LOL
    Last Saturday, I just asked Ma if she'd like me (I'm a behind-the-camera type of girl) to take a video of her singing happy birthday to him & saying how she feels, she said "Sure"!! I had so much fun doing this; we did a few try outs so she could get used to it, and then bang...she popped out a great video for him, I thought it was perfect; but I'm her daughter, so I'm partial; never realizing what an impact it would have on so many people.
    Thank you all so very much for the beautiful comments to her video on Youtube...totally unexpected!! I've gained so many new, friends through Youtube subscribers, e-mail, Twitter, and the telephone, especially Ann, who is just a sweetheart. I look forward to meeting Sean some day, and having great friendships with you all for a very long time if you'll have me!
    SEAN, YOU singlehandedly, with so much love and respect, have given my mother a gift that's unimaginable to her. You have embraced her like you would your own grandmother, and made her cry very happy tears. I don't think I've ever met ANYONE like you...with your heart, kindness, compassion, and the TOTALLY DEDICATED perseverance to make a strangers' dream come true. You have worked tirelessly for days, making phone calls, sending e-mails, setting up a blog, booking our flight, calling TV news people, contacting Fantasy Springs PR, and tweeting to ask Adams' fans to help get my Mom to the concert...I could go on and do I ever properly thank you for going to these lengths...YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!! God Bless You! My Mom and I were talking today, and we both said that we want to meet you just as much as we want to meet Adam now; you're in our hearts & minds, and will stay there forever.
    We want to thank Louise, too; without your generous offer to gift us the concert tickets, I don't know if this trip would've become a reality...all of you working together...Sean, Louise, Ann, Rod, Julie, Erik, and Fantasy Springs PR, along with so many other helpers, in which I don't know their names, thank you all so much from my Mom and I. We'll be sending out prayers, good vibes, heartfelt thoughts and wishes to all of you. I haven't had dry eyes all day, such an emotional appreciation in my heart.
    A huge thank you to fans who gifted a money donation towards helping to get my Mom to California to see Adam; also all of you that have offered to pay for a hotel room for us, and tickets for the Glamily Reunion. I'd also like to thank Juneau (June), the sweet lady that contacted me so she could send my Mom the book "ON THE MEANING OF ADAM LAMBERT" written by herself and Xena. We received it today, haven't read it yet, but soon, real soon. My Mom will read it first.
    I also want to Thank you, ADAM, for coming into our lives, enriching us with your grace, love, humility, respect to be honest with us, beautiful voice, teaching us to be more understanding of others, and reminding us not to sweat the petty things...(and don't pet the sweaty things LOL)...'IT AIN'T THAT DEEP' you say. So true! I so hope that we get to meet you in Palm Springs to tell you in person how we feel...YOU ROCK & WE LOVE U!!
    We're looking so forward to meeting all you fellow Glamberts at the show...I know my Mom is going to be Adamazed by all of you AND Adam!
    Alright, I've bored you all e' let's PARTAAAAY at his concert!!! WOOHOOOO!

  24. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I am so excited for Isabel *squeee* I originally went on the Fantsy Springs Casino Facebook to sign up for free tickets, but in the mean time I was taken time to figure what I would say as his number one fan and saw her birthday video and fell in love with her and her love for Adam, that was as number one as you could get. I had seen him front row for New Years Eve and thought I would really love for her to see him more than me, Im only hour an half away and can buy a ticket, so I asked if I could nominate someone else and pasted the video link in my message..... And tonight to see her win I am sooooo sooooo excited to see someone so deserving to be there and I look forward to seeking her out and having the honor in meeting her :D *tears* :)

  25. I didn't know there was a movement to get her there, been MIA from my computer all week, I guess I had the same idea as everyone else I posted my on January 31st and so I thought she had won the tickets from the site... but to find out that someone bought them for her is even better, to get her plane tickets and a room, so great to see the spirit of giving. Can't wait to meet all the people involved.... I hope she makes the pre-party BECAUSE she will be the CELEB of the day :)

    Here is my post from Facebook:

    I am a HUGE AdamAwwmazing fan and like many others I to have been caught up in his gravitational-pull and inspired by the heart felt wonderful genuie person that he is and just recently I was inspired by a woman that I would like to nominate for the tickets., an Adam News site, just posted this youtube video of an 89 year young fan saying Happy B-Day to Adam and all the joy he has brought into her life and what a wonderful person he is. So, if you take nominations here is the link to see her yourself :D
    *fingers crossed*
    January 31 at 11:27am

  26. Sean, thank you for your efforts to provide a method to send a $100. 00 gift to Isabel and Joy. Both of you have fun at the Indio Concert. I am just as excited to have a chance to say hello to you both at the concert as I am at seeing Adam perform.
    I have such pride of spirit to see so many people come together to make your dream of seeing Adam perform come true!

  27. Thank you all for your generosity and kind comments. I truly was inspired by Adam's lyrics:

    You get back what you give away…
    Tell a stranger that they're beautiful
    So all you feel is love, love
    All you feel is love, love ~Adam Lambert -Aftermath

    My suggestion is to find some way to apply the sentiment to someone else in your life, real world or online, because the joy I have felt in the last few days has truly been inspirational and amazing. Visualize a happy grin from ear to ear!

    I realized that a RW Adam-fan correspondent will be needed to report to the world from the event itself, so l am hoping that I can provide that as well, even though well outside my comfort zone.

  28. Such a heart warming interview!!
    Thank you Sean. You are amazing!
    Isabel,the world could take a lesson
    from you. I would be honored to have
    you as a friend. Looking forward to
    meeting you dear heart.
    Much Love,

  29. What is the situation with flying tickets and other costs? How much is still needed?

  30. From my friend and ex-sis-in-law who viewed Isabel's video and read Sean's interview:

    This (Isabel’s video and Sean’s interview) is beautiful and made me cry. Adam has a talent we've not seen in a long, long time.  Isabel is correct, Adam does have charisma, and that can't be learned and have it or not.  Adam does have a beautiful soul and it speaks to us all in his music.  Your (that's me, Mtn Woman) interest in Adam isn't insane, and neither is Isabel's, it is that you have connected with the inner soul of a person and and what they are giving, you are in a place to receive. Do know the Sanskrit word "Namaste" that they East Indians (and others) use to greet each other (along with a little bow)?  It means The God/Goddess Spirit within me recognizes and honors the God/Goddess Spirit within you.  You and Isabel see the Spirit of Adam as he gives to you through his voice.  Adam gives all of himself in his singing, he wouldn't sing like that if he didn't.  Music is a art that can't be faked, or fabricated.  Music is a real connection from/with your soul, and the people who play music with that feeling and connection are the ones that touch people.  It is a beautiful thing.  I'm so happy and honored that you get and give love with your "namaste"  gift to Isabel. If being a fan is what it takes to get people to show love, then Adam is a messiah, for not only is he bringing beautiful music to the world, but he is showing humans the way of tolerance, love and respect of strangers and mankind.  

  31. I am a tearful mess after reading the comments from you all, especially Isabel, Sean and Joy. It's not much, but I have donated what I could afford to Isabel's trip, I am also going to FS and the trip from Canada is costing me much more than I should spend. However, we all know that ADAM is so worth it. I'm excited about the concert but even more so to attend the glamily reunion and I hope to meet Isabel. I can't wait to show her my Adam tattoo. I'm also a grandma and know exactly how Isabel feels about 'our boy' and the love and light he shares with us.

  32. Heyy just wanted to let you guys know about the first Norwegian Adam Lambert fanbase!

    Isabel seems like an amazing person and I am so happy for her that she got to go to Fantasy Springs and meet Adam. I'm sure the Norwegian roots brought her luck :P

    Hope to see you guys over there!
    xoxo Marie