Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some Fans Need To Chill The Fuck Out!!!

On Saturday 23rd January 2010, @sweetsexysean said:

To Certain @adamlambert FANS: I'm about to give you a very hard pill to swallow. Ready? CHILL THE FUCK OUT!!!

Before you all flip out… these are MY opinions and MINE ONLY. But please do read on. Do you not get that Adam is human? He has feeling, he gets pissed off. He may express that in a tweet. It’s not “humor”. So many of you are clueless with your “ohhh that’s just Adam being Adam.” How do you know? You don’t know Adam! And sorry but I don’t think so in my opinion; I think he was pissed off at rumors and bullshit tweets about him and a woman being together… A WOMAN! Give me a fucking break!

Let’s define “FAN”:

Root word Latin fanaticus inspired by a deity, frenzied, from fanum temple. Fanatic: marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.

fanatic noun
— fa•nat•i•cal•ly  adverb
— fa•nat•i•cal•ness noun

Adam loves people who genuinely love and care for him. Fans I believe are less and less appealing. Sure, we all say we are “FANS” but when we really break it down.... do we want to be put in that cluster of fuck ups? NOT ME? Take for example today…….

Radio Station Personality and DJ, Larry Flick, from Sirius Radio OutQ made a statement about fans hurting a singer’s career because they were too over the top about him and overzealous (I paraphrase). Mr. Flick was NOT, I repeat NOT talking about Adam Lambert or his fans but then what transpired... well, ironically proved Mr. Flick right. Mr. Flick struck a nerve with some Lambert fans because he was bombarded with tweets of rudeness and child like stupidity that well, was a complete embarrassment to Adam Lambert to the point where Adam had to tweet Mr. Flick and APOLOGIZE for his OWN FANS. How pathetic and sad is that. Mr. Flick has been one of Adam’s supporters from day one, playing his music when no one else would. HOW DARE YOU BITE HIS HAND!!!!

If you honestly don’t think at that point Adam was not happy, then you’re an idiot and you need a wake up call. Guess what… this is it.

WAKE UP!!! Adam is a human being. He is a man with feelings, he gets upset, and he gets embarrassed. Sure he stays positive but he’s not Jesus Christ for fucks sake… I’d think not since he’s Jewish! LMAO (Yes, I'm being ironic. I know Christ was born Jewish! LOL)

Now here is some honey to slide that pill down with… Adam does love all his “Fans” (cringe I hate that word) But he has said time and time again he would not be where he is with out all of you… all of us. All I ask is that before you FLIP OUT and tweet that nasty tweet… take a deep breath… count to 10 and say… is this what Adam would really want me to do? I can pretty much tell you….the answer is… NO.

Peace, Love & Adam Always,

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  1. I wrote something nastier on my private blog (haven't shared it yet... but it was a long these lines)... The title was: Creepy Is What Creepy Does. I should share it with you... but I won't. Too many people would read it and flip. LOL

    Here's my Adam blog if you wanna check it out:

    Thanks Sean. Missing a lot of your posts on AO.