Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear Adam...

Friday 15th January 2010, @sweetsexysean said:

@adamlambert FINALLY, a way to write you and not have it in just 140 words or less. LOL Now I dont know what to say. HAha OK, seriously........first, I doubt you will ever even see this. I mean, you have a million tweets come into you from millions of girls every day. I'm just one dude that's out in a sea of many trying to say thank you and you don't owe me anything.

I didn't know you from AI. I actually didn't know you until the AMA's. Yep. And when I first saw you I was like WTF!!!!! LOL But then my husband Jake said, why are you freaking out and I realized, it was because you were able to express yourself so freely, with no apologies. That scared the hell out of me because after being in the closet for so long and being told I was a freak, I didn’t belong, the world hates see a man stand up there and say, this is who I am and fuck you if you don't like it. Was the most fucking amazing thing I had ever seen, Adam. I realized my fear was actually adoration and the next day my husband bought your CD for me. LOL He’s a good man.

Since then it’s been complete craziness for you I know and I have watched you handle yourself with such grace and confidence and true self awareness. At times I have been in awe of you and looking at your parents, thinking……..why couldn’t I have had parents like that!! LOL They obviously did an amazing job raising you. But today I saw the pain in your WWFM video and it hurt and I’m sorry for your pain and hurt.

In closing, yes I’m wrapping it up LOL, I would just like to thank you for you being you. In my past tweets to you I’d always just say UBU Adam but, you always have been and I know you always will be and for that, I thank you. I thank you for the man that you are and that man that you are becoming. And most of all for sharing yourself and your talent with the world. You fill up my heart along with so many others. What a beautiful gift that is. Thank you.

Respectfully and With Peace & Love,
Sean Patrick

PS: I hope you have a wonderful and very Happy Birthday on the 29th.

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