Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breaking Free…

At some point in our lives we all want to break free. Free as a child to just go out and play and not have to do chores. Free as a teen to get our drivers license and break free to drive around with our friends. Free to turn 18 and finally be an adult. Free to be 21 and not be carded. Free to fall in love, free to have sex, free to come out, free, free, free!

As we then become mature, upstanding, tax paying adults… we yearn to break free from the daily grind. Free from our spouse asking if you did what THEY wanted. To break free for just 30 minutes of free time alone from screaming children or a bitching boss or co-workers. Oh, how we long to break free.

And Along Came Adam…

Suddenly, we feel free. We are breaking free. We find the time. We MAKE the time and all because of Adam Lambert. Adam has empowered all of us to break free in so many ways and yet, the more free we become because of him… the less freedom he now has and now Adam longs to break free. Maybe just for that 30 minutes we all once wished for; Adam has now given us.

Oh, The Price Of Fame…

Is it too great, too much to ask for some privacy? We all say no but yet we all know if we saw Adam in a store or a restaurant, it would take every fiber of our very being not to go up to him… even very politely. But yet, Adam still loves all of it. Still longs to be with all of us and still says, don’t leave me alone. He may long to break free but he takes it all in true stride and remains the beautiful, humble man that he is. That sweet young man running down the street with a smile on his face and breaking free to go sing in Hollywood for what would change his entire life.

We are now breaking free with Adam, we all take the time, we all get up and “strut”, we all glam it up and it’s all because of Adam. We still at times, along with Adam, may long to break free. But it is the moments we are free that we now cherish with Adam and love him more for it.

I hope you will enjoy this music video I made, that goes along with my blog. For the BEST QUALITY Viewing... please watch it on Thanks!

Peace, Love & Adam Always,



  1. Sean,

    Beautifully written, as always. I'm so proud of you. Adam does give us a chance to escape the real world and join him in the sexy world of love and light he has created. It's a magical thing.

    Love You,

  2. Congratulations Sean !
    I've enjoyed reading your posts, you are an inspiration, you have something valuable to say and Adam would be proud of what he has inspired in you.

    Love the video !

    Between the forces of Adam & Xena are you surprised your life has changed ? No escaping!

  3. Sean,
    So true isn't it? Breaking free is not just a want, it is a need? In a world that can sometimes bring you to your knees a break away feels like a refuge. Adam is our refuge!

    For me, breaking free not only means a break from everyday life but that I am breaking free from a past that has forever held me captive. I believe at times the world sees us different than who we really are. When given the chance to break free we can soar and show the truth that is within. We can let our souls shine!

    Your video captures all of this so perfectly!
    Thank you!

    Much love to you,

  4. Sean! This is fabulous... a 'home' for you & Jake & Adam where we can all visit with you! Just to let you know, I so love what you are doing here & I am proud of you too (even though we don't know each other)! It's one thing for us to be excited about how Adam is 'making a difference'... but to make it really work, we need to do more than simply nod our heads enthusiastically, we need to take up the torch & run with it... and this is what you are doing!!! It will be Adam's troops, Adam's 'boots on the ground' who will make it happen! Hugs... lots of 'em... & love! Bluedog

  5. Sean, as usual you speak the truth for all of us. While breaking free is sometimes difficult it is a necessity for all of us, and you and Adam help us do that. I am still trying, but getting there I think. My life is slowly improving, thanks to you, Adam and all my "Adam" friends. Thank you all.

  6. OK..........trying to figure this out how to reply to each of you under your comments. Hmmmm....

  7. Dear Sweet Sean, what a glorious new home for you! I'm sure it will be so successful. Anyone can write Sean, but few can communicate and you are a communicator, with your words. You so clearly elucidate your thoughts,opinions and feelings that you shine a light so others can identify. But more, you bravely challenge accepted wisdom with your own views.
    Thanks for the key, will be sneaking in the backdoor regularly,