Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adam On Oprah...

On Tuesday 19th January 2010, @sweetsexysean said:

I know many don't understand..... I also know there are many who do understand but....... as a man, who is gay..... I found myself at first like any other fan, just happy and excited to see Adam on Oprah. SO EXCITED! LOL I was counting down the minutes with all of you. LOL

As the show started and my Husband, Jake, came home. We sat on the couch together and watched. We listened as Adam talked so eloquently and self-aware as he always does. So funny with humor and his own pure sweet and kind heart.

Jake was holding my hand and then lifted it up and kissed it during a commercial. I laughed and said, what’s that for? He said, “because you look so innocent and sweet with that huge smile on your face, waiting for the commercials to be over with and Adam to be back on.” LOL As Adam came back on and started to sing WWFM………..something came over me. Tears started to stream down my face, I felt such pride as I saw this man who has never lied, never hidden the fact of who he is, never tried to say, ‘oh it was just a joke’ or some other bullshit and so many before him have done. He was honest and open and he told the world, yes “I’m Gay” and so what? Deal with it! And there he was………on Oprah………OPRAH!!!!!!!!! The woman is a fucking Icon to THE WORLD and she was adoring him. SINGING ALONG with Adam word for word.

Oprah is right, Adam IS paving the way. I know he didn’t choose it. I know he may not have wanted it. But he is doing it and I thank him and love him for it even more………..if that’s possible. LOL

I have no doubt……….Adam is the key. He is the one. He will change and open minds and hearts. I know that is a lot to put on one man but the beauty of it………Adam doesn’t have to do anything extra or special………..Adam just has to be Adam and the rest just falls into place.

What an amazing day. What a beautiful day. What an amazing and beautiful man Adam Lambert is from the inside out.

My Heart Is Full.

Peace, Love & Adam Always,

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